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Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Welcome to Learning Academy from group RPO Fulfillment CME. At this moment, CME team will guide all new and existing TM Staff to expert in  procurement process for project value below than RM 1 MIL as simple as ABC. In this learning academy, will cover on:

1. How to do quotation for below RM5K

2. How to do quotation for between RM 5K ~ RM 10K (Appendix A)

3. How to do quotation for Direct Award /Sole Single Sourcing (Appendix B)

4. How to do quotation for between RM 10K ~ RM 1 MIL (Appendix B)

5. How to do Emergency Purchase (EPRA)

Don't worry ladies and gentleman, all this guide are up to date  and to make  sure all TM Staff will expert to do quotation by following our SOP as per mention by Governance Team and prevent from Non-Compliance. Our teams member are:

i. Manager: Azlinda Binti Che Yahya

ii. Assistant Manager: Luqman Hakim Bin Salim

iii. PO Creator: a) Hamimah Binti Hamli

                         b) Azrun Bin Khairi

                         c) Mohd Khairul Ridhwan Bin Mohd Razali

Thank You and have a nice day! 

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